College Hospital

There is an enough spacious hospital in the campus of JGCC. The name of the hospital is “Bir Sreshtho Nur Mohammad” Hospital. There are 25 beds for the patients. A skilled medical officer and two assistants are always there to serve treatment for the patients. All types of general treatment as well as medicines are given to the cadets here. In case of emergency, the patients are sent to Bogra CMH. There is also an ambulance for carrying the patients.

College Library

Library is part and parcel of an educational institution. There is an enriched library in JGCC. The name of the library is “Bir Sreshtho Munshi Abdur  Rouf Library”. There are 7019 books on various subjects in the library. Besides, there are many journals, magazines, periodicals in the library. The cadets are given library cards so that they can borrow books from the library.  Both Bangla and English newspapers are kept there. The library opens a vast door of knowledge for the cadets with all the facilities including sufficient light and well ventilation.

College Auditorium

College Auditorium is the place where the cadets' talents come to light. There is a large Auditorium in the ground floor of ‘BirShrestho Jahangir’ Academic Bhaban. The name of the Auditorium is Bir Shrestho Mostofa Kamal Auditorium. The Auditorium can accommodate about 500 people at a time. The Auditorium is well lighted and well ventilated. All kinds of Cultural and Stage programs are nicely presented by the cadets on this Auditorium.

Cadet Canteen (Jgcc)

There is a Canteen near the gate of the Houses. The Canteen opens after the games time. There are two assistants to run the Canteen. The cadets purchase their necessary dry food items or other essential items by coupon. On weekends, the Canteen opens in the morning also.