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Jgcc Houses

There are three houses for cadets at JGCC. Each house consists of a house master, 12/13 house tutors and cadets of that house. The houses of JGCC are: “Sultana Razia House”, “Bir Protik Captain Sitara Begum House” and “Bir Protik Taramon Bibi House”. Every house is not conducted only by teachers. There are selected a house prefect, an assistant house prefect, a games prefect and a cultural prefect those who take responsibilities to maintain each house smoothly. The prefects work as the helping hand of the teachers and House Master. The prefects are selected only from class XII. Every house is properly facilitated for the cadets. There are a library, prayer room, reading room and a common room in each house. In the common room, there is a TV set so that the cadets can enjoy TV programmes in their leisure time or on weekends. There is also a flower garden in front of every house so that the cadets can enjoy their pastime working in the garden.

Sultana Razia House

House Master: Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Associate Professor in English, Head of English Department.

House Motto: We shall overcome.

House Colour: Green

House Strength: 108 cadets

House Symbol: Eagle


Bir Protik Captain Sitara Begum House

House Master: Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Associate Professor in Chemistry, Head of Chemistry Department.

House Motto: In Pursuance of Knowledge.

House Colour: Blue

House Strength: 108 cadets

House Symbol : Tiger

Bir Protik Taramon Bibi House

House Master: Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan Rokoni, Associate Professor in Mathematics, Head of Mathematics Department.

House Motto: Seekers for Perfection

House Colour: Red

House Strength: 110 cadets

House Symbol : Griffins

Taramon House

Taramon House

Sitara House

Sitara House

Razia House

Sultana Razia House

Pt Parade Ground (Jccc)

Parade Ground

Play Ground (Jgcc)

Play Ground

Athletics Ground (Jgcc)

Athletics Ground